Our Linear Weigher Controller provides a complete control solution for Linear Weighing Machines. Our control units are built with ARM microcontroller, Load Cell Amplifier and DAC unit. MODBUS RTU implementation helps easily interface with any standard HMI /PLC. Built-in DAC unit can control Vibrator Feeder or VFD directly. Dedicated IOs are developed considering the complete machine requirements (start, stop, emergency inputs, weighing pan control output and more). For single head and two head linear weighing machines PLC is not required.
Our control units are designed to achieve complete control of the machine.

Single Head Machine Control

Two Head Machine Control

Multi Head Machine Control


Our Bagging Machine Controller – Semi Automatic (ECBC01) provides a complete control solution for Single Hopper Screw Conveyor, Belt Conveyor and Gravity Filling Bagging Machines Applications. It can be easily interfaced with any standard HMIs using MODBUS RS232 or RS485, which makes it easier to operate and quick to do changes. It has built-in 32-bit ARM Controller combined with 24-bit Delta Sigma ADC Load Cell Amplifier, DAC modules and dedicated IO pins. Auto tare, Free fall correction and multi-level digital filtering are in built with which it delivers high speed, high accuracy and better performance. Hence it is widely used in various bagging machines for rice, seed, animal feed, chemicals and so.


MODBUS is the widely used protocol for communications between programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and electronic devices in Industrial Automation Applications. SPARK DNA provides electronic control units with MODBUS RTU. Hence these devices can be interfaced easily with PLC/HMI over RS485. Standard RS232 port is also available for configuration settings like Baud Rate, Slave ID etc.,